You will be served delicious meals with high quality which are prepared by our chef who is locally well-known for his creative cooking and excellent kitchen leading talents. We not only boast delicious meals, but also proudly provide attention-to-detail services to guests throughout their stay when we serve European, Asian, and Mongolian cuisines.
Ger Restaurant-min
“Мaral” Ger Restaurant

  • A vivid red star above 3 Orion’s Belt which is called Betelgeuse, is the second brightest constellation of the Orion.
  • Capacity of 150 seats.
  • Facilities /Buffet breakfast/
  • A la carte traditional Mongolian meal, called Khorkhog in Mongolian. Lamb cooked with river stones
  • We will be happy to arrange your memorable events such as wedding and other celebrations
  • Menu /Lunch set 33,000 MNT~Dinner set 27,000 MNT/
  • Time table

Breakfast: 08.00- 10.00 am.
Lunch: 12 .00 -14.00 pm.
Dinner: 18.00- 20.00 pm.

“Michid” Restaurant

As Mongolians call “Michid” is literally means Hesperus or Evening Star, is the most clearly visible star cluster in the night sky. We can even see them through our own eyes, and is the closest star cluster to the solar system. Capacity of 20 seats.

  • Coffee and biscuits
  • Drink and Beverages

* It is prohibited to smoke. 5% of  service fee and 10% VAT are excluded.

Breakfast: 08.00- 10.00 am.
Lunch: 12 .00 -14.00 pm.
Dinner: 18.00- 20.00 pm.

“Terrace” Cafe
Outdoor Terrace Café offers free atmosphere, so you will enjoy the stunning view of the mother nature.

Mon to Friday: 08.00-10.00 pm.
Saturday: 09.00-10.00 pm.
Sunday: 10.00-10.00 pm.