About Us
- Introduction

“Terelj Star” Resort is located in the pass of mount Uvur Khuush, one of the most attractive areas of Gorkhi-Terelj national park. Staffed with professionals of Mongolian Tourism Industry, it’s our mission to welcome guests with warm hospitality in clean and comfortable Superior and Deluxe Ger-accommodations, serve delightful food in two restaurant facilities and arrange extra activities of interest for fine quality.

Our resort is open all year round. The reservation manager of the resort will receive and confirm all the bookings through [email protected] email.

By staying at our resort, you will enjoy the fresh air in absolute stunning view and outstanding guest amenities and services provided by our friendly staff. Moreover, it’s available to have fun playing golf in one of the biggest golf courses, the Chinggis Khaan Golf Course which is located right next to our resort.

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